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Please note:

If you have a child born in the BVI and you are not a citizen, belonger or permanent resident, you are required to apply in writing to the Immigration Department for permission for your child to reside.
The immigration laws do not automatically grant any rights to persons born in the Territory of the British Virgin Islands to parents who are not citizens or belongers. Please contact the Immigration Department if you have a child born in the BVI in order to answer any questions you may have.

Please note:

If you are granted an exemption from the requirements of work permit, you are required to report to the Immigration Department to fulfill the requirements that would allow you to remain and work in the BVI.

Please Note:

Entry into the Territory for the purpose of engaging in employment requires permission from the Immigration Department.

Please note:

When your entry permit/time granted by the Immigration Department has expired, you are required to immediately report to the Department headquarters in Road Town, Tortola or The Valley, Virgin Gorda and request an extension of that permit?

Please note:

If your work permit or application for exemption renewal is being processed by the Labour Department, you are required to report to Immigration.

Please Note:

If you wish to change your Immigration status in the BVI, you are required to submit you request in writing to the department? For example, if you are presently residing as a dependant and wish to seek employment or vice-versa, you must submit this request in writing.

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Residence Requirements


Persons desirous of taking up residence on an annual basis will be required to formally apply to the Chief Immigration Officer.


Applications for Permanent Residence

    - Must reside in the Territory continuously for a period of 20 years before
      application can be considered (can only be absent from the Territory for 90
      days in any calendar year except when pursuing further education or as a
      result of illness)

    - Applicant must be of good character

    - Applicant must state in his application his intensions of residing permanently 
      in the Territory

    - Dependants who are endorsed on their parents’ certificate should apply for 
      their own certificates six months before their eighteenth birthday, if they
      wish to continue residing permanently

The following documents are required to support the application

    - Bank statements

    - Proof of social Security benefits or other related evidence to substantiate self 
      sufficiency, Evidence of Prearrange accommodation

    - Two copies of a Police Certificate of Character from the country of birth, in 
      addition to country of residence on arrival

    - Upon approval a medical certificate in the prescribe form will be required

Persons coming to establish a business or take up residence on an annual basis:


A person in either of the categories may visit the territory for a feasibility study.


Persons desirous of establishing a business are required to apply for and obtain a trade license from the Chief Ministers office via the department of Trade and Investment promotions.  Upon approval the requirements set out under the topic, persons coming for employment would then apply.


A person of this category is required at the port of entry to satisfy the requirements for a visitor. The visitor would then be admitted for a month.


The applicant would be required to furnish the following:


    1. A certificate of good health from the country of embarkation, Applications
        are available at the Immigration Office.

    2. Two copies of a Police Certificate of Character from the country of birth, in
        addition to country of residence on arrival.

Additionally, applicants in this category may make further application for Permanent Residency having established themselves successfully in the territory.


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