Immigration Department
Office of the Chief Minister
341 Waterfront Drive, Ashley Ritter Building
Road Town, Tortola
or Vanterpool Building, Virgin Gorda
British Virgin Islands
Please note:

If you have a child born in the BVI and you are not a citizen, belonger or permanent resident, you are required to apply in writing to the Immigration Department for permission for your child to reside.
The immigration laws do not automatically grant any rights to persons born in the Territory of the British Virgin Islands to parents who are not citizens or belongers. Please contact the Immigration Department if you have a child born in the BVI in order to answer any questions you may have.

Please note:

If you are granted an exemption from the requirements of work permit, you are required to report to the Immigration Department to fulfill the requirements that would allow you to remain and work in the BVI.

Please Note:

Entry into the Territory for the purpose of engaging in employment requires permission from the Immigration Department.

Please note:

When your entry permit/time granted by the Immigration Department has expired, you are required to immediately report to the Department headquarters in Road Town, Tortola or The Valley, Virgin Gorda and request an extension of that permit?

Please note:

If your work permit or application for exemption renewal is being processed by the Labour Department, you are required to report to Immigration.

Please Note:

If you wish to change your Immigration status in the BVI, you are required to submit you request in writing to the department? For example, if you are presently residing as a dependant and wish to seek employment or vice-versa, you must submit this request in writing.

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Visa Regulations
Persons from the following countries must apply for a visa at the nearest British Embassy before traveling to the BVI: 

Afghanistan Cuba Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Albania Djbouti Liberia Senegal
Algeria Dominican Rep. Libya Slovakia
Angola Egypt Macedonia Somalia
Armenia Equatorial Guinea Madagascar Sudan
Azerbajan Eritrea Mali Suriname
Bahrain Ethiopia Mauritania Syria
Belarus Gabon Maldova Taiwan
Benin Georgia Mongolia Tajikistan
Bosnia-Herzegovina Guinea-Bissau Morocco Thailand
Bulgaria Guyana Mozambique Togo
Burkina Haiti Myanmar Turkish Rep.
of Northern Cyprus
Burundi Indonesia Nepal Turkenistan
Burma Iran Niger Ukraine
Cambodia Iraq Nigeria United Arab Emirates
Cameroon Israel Oman Uzbekistan
Cape Verde Ivory Coast Pakistan Vietnam
Central African Rep. Jordan Peru Yemen
Chad Kazakhstan Philippines Yugoslavia
China Kirgizstan Qatar Zaire
Columbia North Korea Russian Republic
Comoros Kuwait Rwanda
Congo Laos Sao Tome & 
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